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The Enneagram

What is it in and of itself ? What are its building blocks?

The Enneagram, an ancient symbol, originated in the Middle East (Iraq – Iran). It has been suggested that this symbol was created as a way of mapping the mathematical and energetic aspects of the physical world; including, astrological, natural, and even psychological phenomenon. The oldest study of the Enneagram is in the Sufi tradition.

The Enneagram Personality Type Model – extracted from properties of the Enneagram Symbol, consists of nine basic essential human typologies. By typologies we mean basic “body types”. Body type refers to the physical, emotional, and intellectual characteristics of the personality. It is vital to understand that the Enneagram Personality Type Model does not dictate who we are, which is unique, but rather examines the basic “operating system” we are born into and develop, which is not unique. This is the Sufi tradition understanding of the Enneagram.