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Trauma is the sum total of all the emotional, mental and physical impulses experienced during an event or during a series of events during any stage in life that so overwhelm the emotional, mental, and physical well being of a person that the body cannot allow full processing of these impulses. These impulses are instead sealed off and locked away in the body - the Trauma is in essence encapsulated and locked in the body. This Trauma locked in the body will affect to varying degrees emotional, mental and physical functioning to the point of complete and total dysfunction.

Some examples of Trauma one may carry are:

  • Emotional/mental, physical, and/or sexual abuse by a loved one, a partner or spouse, a family member, or a stranger.
  • Childhood abandonment, betrayal and/or neglect.
  • Bullying or social isolation
  • Death of a loved one.
  • Triggering life events such as affairs within a relationship, divorce, financial devastation, etc.
  • Sexual assault
  • Extreme disruption to the normal Emotional, Mental or Physical functioning often experienced by first responders & soldiers/veterans.
  • Experiencing emotionally life-changing events such as witnessing or being involved in an act of destruction, violence and/or death to others.
  • Any event too overwhelming to process emotionally, mentally or physically that renders you incapacitated.

Have you or a loved one experienced any of these forms of Trauma? It may be causing unresolved pain and suffering. The Ghedee Centre can help. To understand more about how carrying Trauma in your body impacts your behavior, visit our Trauma Impact page. For questions call (510) 854-9987 or book a consult today!