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The Ghedee Centre

The Ghedee Centre

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Ghedee Philosophy

Every single thing is simply a different version of the same thing - Mbec/Energy

Ghedee (jee-dee) is a Philosophy of Living — it is a practice, not a religion. Ghedee Philosophy is a system and tool that allows you to perceive and understand yourself and the world around you from the fullest, most inclusive perspective possible in each present moment. Your individual perspective creates the reality you engage, therefore, the fuller and more inclusive your perspective of definitive facts (objective truths), the more balanced and harmonious your choices and actions will be in each present moment.

The practice of Ghedee Philosophy involves balance and rebalance of emotional, mental and physical states of being. Ghedee is a no-judgment based philosophy that focuses on the rearrangement of foundational elements of any state in order to achieve harmonious balance. This process relies entirely on each individual.

One of the foundational elements of Ghedee Philosophy is the system of laws known as The 18 Universal Laws of Ghedee. The multi-dimensional Universe in which we exist is governed by certain definitive truths or "Laws". These "Laws'' govern every aspect of our physical, mental and emotional existence and experience. Of the plethora of possible laws or definitive truths, Ghedee Philosophy is built on 18 of these Universal Laws. In the opinion of Ghedes (jeeds), they are the laws most relevant to human experience.

Modern Ghedee Philosophy comes from a society of practitioners in the coastal region of Liberia and the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire in West Africa. No one knows how long Ghedee has been around. What we do know is that the practice of Ghedee originated in Sub Saharan Africa and traveled south to the west coast of Africa with the great migration that took place after the fall of the Great Ghana Empire, before the Sosso Empire about 1000 years ago.

Ghedee was practiced primarily by the Krahn and Saapo people of modern-day Liberia and the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire. Nowadays, with the rise of established religions like Christianity and Islam, Ghedee has only a handful of practitioners and even fewer facilitators.

A Ghedee practitioner is anyone who uses the principles of Ghedee to maintain a balanced and harmonious existence. The fundamental essence of Ghedee Philosophy is viewing and engaging everything and anything from its most basic foundational elements. The application of Ghedee Philosophy is a specific mindset, a specific way of perceiving and responding to the inner and outer world. Ghedee in practice is having a perspective that goes far beyond the surface of things - a Universal perspective if you will.

Ghedee is a non-judgement based philosophy. The ideas of good and evil, right and wrong, good and bad, do not exist in Ghedee Philosophy. These are judgments, and all judgments separate us from the whole truth and prevent us from fully processing all the facts, ultimately limiting our ability to navigate and negotiate daily life. What does exist throughout Ghedee philosophy is the idea of balance and rebalance. Rather than judgment, our choices and actions must be based on a clear understanding and interpretation of objective reality (facts) in order to achieve a desired harmonious balance.

Ghedee Philosophy in practice begins with 2 simple questions, which are called The Questions of Ghedee.

What is it in and of itself?
What are its building blocks?

The application of Ghedee Philosophy begins with the collection of FACTS and OBJECTIVE TRUTHS in the full answering of these two questions towards attaining and maintaining a Universal Ghedee perspective.

Facilitator or Teacher

Ghedes are anyone born with the innate practical understanding of the energetic structure of all there is.

The Ghedee facilitator or Ghede (jeed) is an instructor and master of the principles and philosophy of Ghedee. The Ghede also works one on one with individuals in order to restore and maintain emotional, mental and physical harmony, utilizing over 360 different techniques and regimens. Ghedes are born, they are not taught. Only those born with the innate practical understanding of the energetic structure of all existence are trained in Ghedee Philosophy rites and traditions. This is a rare occurrence and is said to only happen 3–4 times per generation. The ZOE (pronounced “zoh”) is usually the trainer or master philosopher and teacher of a particular group of Ghedee facilitators.

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