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Change & Transformation

What is it in and of itself ? What are its building blocks?

“Everyone wants change but almost no one wants to change”.

Change and Transformation of a person revolves around the human experience, both the internal and external elements. The Human experience begins internally and extends to the external world and is then directed in a particular life path. To full transform the human experience it must be transformed emotionally, mentally and physically. Also, in order to transform one must know all the elements that require transformation. Thus, what are the elements of Transformation, what are the elements and structure of a persons’ experience? The major elements are – The Life Experience – The Life Situation – The Life Direction. The major elements and structure of a person’s experience are:

The Internal Operating System

The External Choices and Actions

The Intended Direction and Trajectory of Choices & Actions.

The Anticipated Life Direction, the sum total of both the Life Experience and Life Situations.