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The Universe of Yin & Yang…and the illusion of Time

What is it in and of itself ? What are its building blocks?

All human beings attempt to place themselves in the vastness of creation to form a purpose and create a timeline of a future yet to come. Ghedes are no exception.

The Ghedee concepts of manifest and un-manifest reality and time, revolve around the 2 vibrations that form all manifestation -Yin and Yang.


Yin, the first manifestation of all there is, is the foundation of all existence. It is the passive, contracting force that gives rise and power to the second vibration of Yang. Yang is the active force of movement – the violent, ever changing, ever increasing flow that is only tempered by Yin. The balance of all manifestation is the balance and interplay of Yin and Yang.


Ghedes understand that all manifestations are vibrations of energy. Therefore, all energy is life itself. Time, which is an illusion, is neither linear nor cyclical – it is an endless spiral in every direction. The cycles of manifestation and transformation are what create this illusion of time. Ghedes qualify these cycles into what we call “life cycles”.


According to Ghedee, an annual cycle is 13 moon cycles and the life cycles of most biological life is 10,000 annual cycles. Therefore, one Life cycle is a little more than 10,800 years. The life cycle of non-biological life according to Ghedee is 100 Life cycles or just over 1,000,000 years. These manifestation/transformation cycles of non-biological life are call a Unit Cycle.

Ghedes believe that “all there is” springs forth from the vibration of Yin into the vibration of Yang in repeated Life and Unit Cycles, only to return to the stillness of Yin and into nothingness. This ultimate cycle is called The Grand/Supreme Cycle and comprises 10,000 Unit Cycles.


Throughout these cycles, all manifestations and transformations are simply energy moving through different states and stages of experience. Energy, being all there is, constantly moves from manifestation to a state of nothingness.

Thus, everything manifested is on a course of return, NOT a course of boundless expansion.

Just like the human being and every other life manifestation, the perceived and unperceived Universe is on a course of contraction towards nothingness.

This is, according to Ghedee, the true course of all life, all manifestation.