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Yin & Yang

What is it in and of itself ? What are its building blocks?

Two basic vibrations form all reality; these vibrations are the beginning threads that form all existence. For all intents and purposes, we refer to them as Yin and Yang. In the cycle of life the female is the physical representation of Yin and the male is the physical representation of Yang. Yin is the beginning and the end of all manifestation (life) and all cycles of existence. Like in all existence, human beings bear the mark of these two vibrations. Biology shows them in the x and y chromosomes. X is the mark of yin which for us is manifest in the female form and Y is the mark of yang which for us is manifest in the male form. Since all existence begins in yin all life begins as Yin (female).
XX = Female
XY = Male ( 1/2 Yin ) or 1/2 female
Every human being bears the mark of the Yin (female). Therefore all males are 1/2 Yin (female). This is the understanding of Ghedee.