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The 3 Bodies / The Human Experience

What is it in and of itself ? What are its building blocks?

Ghedee practice understands that all human beings have three bodies: an Emotional Body, a Mental Body, and a Physical Body.

These are the only three ways in which we human beings experience all existence: emotionally, mentally and physically. Each of these ways of experiencing is governed by a body. The Emotional Body or sensing body is an inter-dimensional energy field that can extend from the position of the physical body several yards in every direction. The Emotional Body is our largest and most complicated body. It senses and replicates within itself an impression of everything that comes into contact with its field. The function of this body is to sense and feel and replicate. All this information is then transmitted to our second largest body, the Mental Body.

The Mental Body is also an inter-dimensional field. It can extend several feet from the position of the physical body in every direction. The Mental Body is our second largest body. It processes, analyzes, computes (simplifies, Filters, Edits) the information from the Emotional Body and transmits this information to the Physical Body for action. The function of the Mental Body is only to process, filter, and analyze the information it receives.

This synthesized information is then transmitted to the Physical Body for action. The Physical Body takes uncountable numbers of actions per second based on information it receives. The physical body, being the end point of all experience, is also the focal point of the other two bodies, and grounds us in our three dimensional experience of existence.

Within each body is a central network for the reception, balance and integration of information. The central networks of both the Emotional Body and the Mental Body is in the core center. For all intents and purposes, this would be the area of your mid-section (hips to sternum). The central network in the physical body is centered in our mid-brain, Brain, and our vast lymph and nervous systems. Information received from our other two bodies triggers a seemingly infinite number of actions by the physical body. Certain areas of the mid brain and brain process specific information received and replicate chemically information received from the other two bodies as well as information received from within the physical body itself. All our physical body does is take action based on the information it receives from our other two bodies and its own nervous system. As Human Beings, we feel/sense, think/process, and act.

The balance among the three bodies and their working exchange:

The interchange between and among the bodies is seemingly infinite and incalculable. The interchange is so in sync that sometimes the workings of the three individual bodies can be confused.

For example the Physical Body has its own sensory system, not to be confused with the workings of the Emotional Body. The Physical Body only senses the area of the Physical Body, or what is happening to or in the Physical Body. The Emotional Body senses, feels, and replicates everything within its field which extends several yards from the physical body. Thus, the difference between Physical sensory and Emotional sensory. Each body matches the shifting vibration of the other two bodies, by replicating information received for an emotional, mental and physical awareness and experience. The Physical Body uses chemical energy to replicate information received from the other two bodies.

The Emotional and Mental Bodies utilize electromagnetic and kinetic energy to replicate and transmit information received between and among the bodies.

This is the working exchange among the three bodies.

When the working exchange of one of the bodies is grossly out of sync with the other two bodies, we define this state as a diseased or dis-eased state of that specific body.