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Ghedee Blog

Ghedee Practice

What is it in and of itself ? What are its building blocks?

Ghedee is a practice, it is NOT a religion. It is a philosophy for living.

Ghedee is based on the understanding that everything perceived or imagined is energy or Mbec, and energy is the first manifestation of all there is. Nothing exists except for energy. Ghedee Practice is ONE way to perceive the reality of one’s own life and the infinite expanse of all existence; and use this perception to maintain a consistent state of emotional, mental and physical balance.

The entirety of Ghedee Practice lies in 2 foundational questions, which we call the questions of Ghedee:

“What is it in and of itself?”

“What are its building blocks?”

When faced with any person, place, thing, or situation, the full answers to these questions provide a clear foundation for choice. When utilized, Ghedee provides explanation, never direction. Direction is always left to the practitioner.