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The 4 Types of Relationships

What is it in and of itself ? What are its building blocks?

RELATIONSHIPS“When any two or more forces engage a third separate force always manifests as a result of engagement”. The third manifestation is the relationship of the engagement. This is the Universal Law of Trinity.  1 + 1 = 3

Once formed every human relationship remains until both individuals transform from the planet

All human relationships fall into major 4 groups.

The Parent / Child Relationship – The parent Child Relationship is the foundation of every other relationship formed.

Intimate & Personal Relationships – These are two different types of relationships, with the Intimate being purely physical.

Relationship with work and Business Relationships – Business relationships are the only relationships with specified platforms of engagement or specific rules.


Relationship with Self – The Relationship with Self is the only relationship over which the individual has complete and absolute power or control.