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Negative & Positive Energy — Good & Evil — In the Human Being

What is it in and of itself ? What are its building blocks?

I will begin by saying that there is no positive or negative energy in human beings, nor is there good or evil in human beings.

Negative and Positive energy is a concept used in physics to explain the nature of certain fields — the gravitational field and several quantum field effects. This concept is primarily related to expansion and contraction.

All energy is exactly what it is, neither negative nor positive, neither good nor evil. The ideas of “negativity” or “positivity” in human beings are based on individual judgments and are subject to each individual’s judgment of a situation or another person.

In human beings judgments are the henchmen of beliefs and their major use is to separate, usually to separate from truth.

The same applies for the human idea of good and evil. Good and evil don’t exist, they are concepts/judgments created by human beings based on their lack of understanding of all things and how they function.

These judgments serve as a continuous barrier that separates human beings from the full truth of all existence. The prevailing idea is that “negative” is “bad”, “wrong” or in some cases “evil”, and “positive” is of course “good” and “right”. Similarly, “negative” and “positive” can be tied to an individual’s judgment of the levels of “perceived” optimism and pessimism in situations and people.

Therefore, if you find that you use judgments of “negativity” or “positivity” in your daily life you will be in a constant state of separating yourself from the actual truth of the situations and people around you.

Instead, in daily life, focus on creating balance of all things as opposed to the preference of a perceived judgment.