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Energy / Stress Blockages in the Bodies

What is it in and of itself ? What are its building blocks?

Stress or Energy blockages are the sum total of the collection of the energy of emotions, sensations, thoughts, and actions held at a specific point in all three bodies.

Emotional Blockages begin in the Emotional Body.
Mental Blockages begin in the Mental Body.
Physical Blockages begin in the Physical Body.

Every point in any of the three bodies is directly connected to a point in the other two bodies. Therefore, no matter what the experience, it is experienced in triplicate. (We human beings experience, emotionally, mentally, and physically). This also means each blockages is held in three places and experienced in three ways (at a specific point in each of the bodies).

We nowadays term this held energy as “stress.” “Stress” is a major contributor to a vast number of physical and mental illnesses. Because stress is formed and held in all three bodies, it is inter-dimensional and immeasurable by any tool we have to date.

Each stress/energy blockage can only be totally removed when each replica is removed from the appropriate body. Each must be removed emotionally, mentally and physically.

How are blockages held? What keeps them in place?

Blockages are held in place by an anchoring belief.

Beliefs are concepts we hold about ourselves and project onto the world around us. These beliefs serve as an anchor for the collection of motions, sensations, thoughts and actions, which forms each stress / blockage.