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The Ghedee Centre

The Ghedee Centre

Healing  •  Guidance  •  Awareness  +  Balance

The Universal Laws of Perpetual Absence, Being and Placement, & The Equation Of Life

Saturday, June 20, 2020
10:00am - 12:00pm

The Ghedee Centre
2150 Mariner Square Drive
Suite 101
Alameda,  CA  94501

Please enter through the large side door from the parking lot.

This space is a shoe free environment, and we request that all guests remove their shoes upon entering. Please plan accordingly.

Please RSVP for this event at (510)854-9987 or by emailing wiah@i-wiah.com.

This event is $20 for advance registration, and $30 at the door.

Pre-register for any two discussions for $35 or the entire series for $75.

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Do you know what happens when you countermand a Universal Law? Certain definite truths or "Laws" govern the multi-dimensional Universe we exist in. These "Laws" govern every aspect of our physical, mental and emotional existence and experience and are the definition of all existence.

The Sixteenth Universal Law - The State of Perpetual Absence: Every state blocks or prevents the manifestation of a multitude of other states. Therefore, the State of Absence is perpetual.

The Seventeenth Universal Law - The Law of Being and Placement: No two energetic forces of the same vibration can occupy the same dimensional location at the same instant.

The Eighteenth Universal Law - The Equation of Life: P+C+E = O Potential + Choice + Environment = Occurrence

Learning to balance your life with Universal Laws can manifest the life you want and bring you to the things you desire most in life. We encounter pain and suffering when we try to create experiences that are not aligned with Universal Laws.