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The Ghedee Centre

The Ghedee Centre

Healing  •  Guidance  •  Awareness  +  Balance

Events & Classes

The Ghedee Centre hosts a wide array of both free and paid events and classes, all geared towards the ideals of healing, guidance, awareness, and balance. All events and classes are given from the perspective of Ghedee Philosophy.

Some of these include:

Grief & Loss Meetup

Occurs Monthly
Also offered via Meetup.com: https://www.meetup.com/Grief-Loss-Separation/

This free meetup is focused on the state of grief and loss. In this meetup, we practice a series of transformative breathing, meditative, and energetic exercises to bring balance to the emotional, mental, and physical aspects of grief and loss, ultimately allowing us to move beyond the event or situation.

Meditation & Chanting Session

Occurs Bi-Monthly
Also offered via Meetup.com: https://www.meetup.com/FreeMeditationGathering/

Free to the public, this class is designed to bring awareness to what meditation and chanting truly are and how to use these tools to bring internal balance, manage stress, and maintain a clarity to the Emotional, Mental, and Physical bodies.

The Enneagram Personality Type Model

This paid class series focuses on learning the Enneagram Personality Model from the Ghedee, non-judgment, Sufi influenced perspective. We focus specifically on how to initiate and execute a change of experience (Emotionally, Mentally and Physically) utilizing this unique tool, and learn how to recognize and effectively communicate with each personality type.

The 2 Spirited Gatekeeper

This paid class is focused on understanding the 2 spirited person, or commonly called “gay” person. Ghedee Philosophy gives an understanding of what a gay person is separate from the sex act and explains why gay people exist.

The Relationship Series

This paid seminar discussion focuses on the 4 major types of relationships - Parent / Child Relationships, Intimate and Personal Relationships, Work and Business Relationships and the ever complex Relationship with Self.

The Universe of Yin...The Illusion of Time

This paid class discussion focuses on the foundational elements of Ghedee Philosophy and the beginning of all things from a Ghedee perspective. This class provides an understanding of how to harness the movement around us, balance and focus in these current times, and to create a life experience more in sync with nature.

The 18 Universal Laws of Ghedee Philosophy

This paid series focuses on the foundation of Ghedee Philosophy. In Ghedee Philosophy there are 18 prominent Universal Laws. Learning to balance your life with Universal Laws can manifest the life you want and bring you to the things you desire most in life.

Change & Transformation Series

In this paid 3 class, 4 part series, we look at and discuss what change/transformation really means for a human being. We look at change in the Emotional, Mental and Physical experience of daily life, from its basic foundational elements.

Client / Patient Group Discussion

Occurs Monthly

This free 2 hour group discussion is for all those who work one-on-one at The Ghedee Centre. This group discussion is to facilitate the answers to questions, a general discussion, and also focuses on implementing common basic exercises to assist in each person’s work.

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