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About Ghedee

Ghedee Secret Spirit Society

A Master of Energy

Ghedee is a secret society of energy workers in the coastal region of Liberia, West Africa. The Ghedee Society is based on the understanding that absolutely everything perceived or imagined is "mbec" or energy. The practice of the transformation, manipulation and manifestation of energy, or "mbec", is Ghedee. Ghedee is a practice it is NOT a religion.

The Ghedee Practitioner or Priest is called a Gheed. Utilizing over 360 different energetic techniques, and regimens, the Gheed is able to create energetic changes to the physical,mental and emotional bodies; thus bringing about a balanced flow (healing) that returns the body to optimal function. Gheeds are born, they are not taught. There are three types of Gheeds, those whose sole practice is the transformation of "mbec", those whose sole practice is the manifestation of "mbec" or herbal remedies, and the ZOE who is master of both. The ZOE is usually the leader or teacher of a particular group of Ghedee healers.

The Ghedee Physical Energetic Grid

The Ghedee practice understands that all human beings have three bodies: an Emotional body, a Mental body, and a Physical body. The physical body, being the end point of all experience, is also the focal point of the other two bodies.

The physical body is wrapped in an energetic grid of vertical and horizontal lines of energy. These thousands of grid lines form a sort of net around the entire body. This system of grids lies within the vast lymph system of the physical body. Of these lines, there are groups of close parallel grid lines that allow for a larger volume of energetic movement in the bodies. Ghedee refer to these close parallel grid lines as working grid lines, because it is along these grid lines that 98% of Ghedee work with the physical body is conducted.

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