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I Wiah

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About Wiah

Wiah is a Ghedee counselor/facilitator who brings over 30 years of experience to Temple - a place of healing, mindfulness, meditation, wellness and rejuvenation. Wiah founded Temple in 1992. Since that time, Wiah has developed proven techniques that assist in the healing of the mental, emotional, and physical body.

Born on the West Coast of Africa in Monrovia, Liberia, Wiah was blessed as a member of the Ghedee Spirit Society at birth. The main objective of this society is the understanding and practice of spirit, emotion, body, and mind as pure energy. At the age of nine, Wiah was ordained a Priest and has been practicing the rites of the Ghedee Spirit Society ever since.

Originally, Wiah was the name of the "first" warrior who began the Saapo ethnic group. This group is one of 18 ethnic groups that occupy Liberia today. Wiah was assigned this name by the highest ranking Ghedee Master of the Ghedee Society. She believed he would be the next warrior/leader of the group.

Wiah relocated to California in 1987 during the Liberian civil war. He finished his post-secondary education at the University of California at Davis. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design. Alongside his studies at Davis, Wiah also studied a variety of world religions, particularly those that offer full healing techniques for the intellectual, emotional, and physical body. Some of these religions include Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and Sufism.

He also studied various healing techniques such as Vibrational Healing, Bio-Emotional Synthesis, Breath Therapy, and Life Force Integration. He is also a master of over 360 Ghedee disciplines. Wiah has integrated all these techniques and many others into his practice at Temple. He understands the unity of all spirit and healing which is an integral part of the Ghedee practice.

Wiah currently lives in Oakland, California. He continues to heal and nurture all who come in contact with Temple. Wiah's intention is that all beings are relieved of intellectual, emotional, and physical suffering and awaken to the truth of their primordial existence. This can only be accomplished through the removal of anything that countermands the natural state of this energetic existence.